New Product Referral Program
If you find a product that none of the other distributors in Canada are carrying, pass along the game title and or company that makes it.

Should Fox Crest successfully pick up the product, you instantly get 5% off any of the products that Fox Crest carries from that company for the first 3 months.

Companies that Fox Crest is already partnered with are excluded from this offer.


New Customer Referral Program
The Store Referral Program is for existing stores who are signed up with an account.

Stores can refer other stores across Canada, with a Brick-and-Mortar location (Stores with an online presence as well, are allowed).

Once the referred store creates an account AND ships their first order, you get 1 point.

Stores you refer to Fox Crest will need to fill out the ‘Referred by Store Name’ section at the bottom of the New Customer Form


• 1 to 6 points, you get a free random Acrylic set of Foam Brain Dice!

• 7 to 9 points you get a free random Solid Metal set of Hymgho Dice!

• 10 points you get One (1) free copy of a Giga Mech Game on your next order!


Points can be stacked meaning that if you get 8 stores to sign up, your next order you get 6 free dice Foam Brain dice and 2 Hymgho Dice!!

After you get 10 points, you go back down to zero, meaning you can continue to get more free products!